Top 5 Places Worth Travelling Abroad With Your Kids

Travelling enriches the mind and allows people to expand their understanding of different people and cultures. Apart from taking your children to exotic spots and destinations, it is also important to have them travel and see different places of whimsy and wonder to spark their imaginations.
Here are top 5 places that you can visit abroad with your kids.

1. Disneyland, Tokyo, Japan

It’s not a small world, after all. The most magical place on earth can keep kids and adults mesmerised and entertained for days on end. Apart from the theme park’s rides and attractions, you can also see all your favourite childhood characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and the Disney Princesses.

2. Harry Potter Wizarding World, Universal Studios CA, USA

Harry Potter had risen to fame in the 90s via the series of books penned by J.K Rowling. Seeing Harry Potter’s world come to life is a real treat for both kids and adults here. You will get to see and experience Diagon Alley as well. Surely a place for thousands of photographs!

3. Legoland, Malaysia

Who doesn’t love Lego? Malaysia is a progressive country in Southeast Asia and home to different cultures. Apart from Legoland, there’s also Sanrio world and of course, the famous Petronas Twin Towers.

4. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, CA, USA

Head on the United States for some serious amusement park fun. Six Flags is home to some awesome rides, including roller coasters. To make your trip hassle-free, make sure you book your stay at a hotel nearby. It’s easy to find the best places to stay in Northern California online. You can pay for your trip in advance and enjoy even bigger discounts and freebies!

5. Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Another gem in Southeast Asia is Ocean Park in Hong Kong. This large area is a small island in itself and features huge aquariums and a cable car as well as a train ride. Plenty of souvenirs here and guaranteed hours of fun. Just be prepared for a lot of walking around.

Plan your vacations with your kids early so you can maximise school vacations and get to these destinations when the weather is at its best.

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What is the Best Music Genre to Sound Your Children to Sleep?

What is the Best Music Genre to Sound Your Children to SleepIf you want your kids to fall asleep quickly and have sweet dreams, we recommend lullabies which are in the genre of children’s music. After all, you need to play something which is appropriate for your child! Adult music often have rude lyrics and it may be too aggressive to soothe babies and little kids.

Whether you’re playing music on a CD player (or online) or singing music that you’ve heard, it’s best to stick with music which is made just for children.

Lullabies are soft and gentle and they are made for little ones. A lullaby will be melodic and repetitive enough to make a child feel good inside. It will help him or her to relax.

Other fine choices include soft and gentle classical music. Some classical music, such as Mozart, is known for its ability to help children become more intelligent! However, some Mozart tunes may be a bit too lively or melancholy for kids who need to nap or go to bed. Chopin is typically quite gentle in spirit and it may be a good choice when you’re trying to put a tot or infant to sleep.

Avoid Loud Music at Bedtime

Whatever you decide to play, play it softly. Loud music will wake a child up, even if it’s a loud lullaby. Keep volume low, so it’s audible but not too distracting. It should provide relaxing background sound which helps the child to forget about the day that has passed and move into a sleepy state. When it comes to volume, keep it low at all times – sing along gently in order to add a personal touch. It might be a good idea to look for DJ speakers for high quality sound in your baby’s room.

The lullabies that parents sing to their kids at bedtime are often songs which are beloved by kids and remembered fondly by grown-up kids. Repetition is helpful, so find a lullaby that your child loves and then sing it nightly. It will become a part of the special bond between you and your son or daughter.

Sometimes, Disney songs work well as lullabies. For example, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”, from the Toy Story group of movies, is a great song with a positive and inspiring message and its tune and lyrics are simple to remember.

Cuddling with your child as you sing will help him or her to feel safe and loved. So, why not choose a special lullaby and then lie beside your little one as you sing?

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Trampolines Can Provide Hours of Fun (and Great Exercise!) for Children

Trampolines Can Provide Hours of Fun and Great Exercise!for ChildrenTechnology is taking over ours and the world of our children. While this can be a good thing because they have a whole world of learning available to them that we only dreamed about when we were younger, there are also a lot of negatives because it can keep children from going outside and having fun and getting the exercise that children need in order to grow.

One of the biggest joys in life can come from jumping on a trampoline because of the absolute freedom that you feel as well as the joy. Here’s some great reasons to introduce a trampoline to your children’s activity time.

It Is Great Exercise

There are plenty of exercises, but there are few that children are willing and eager to do, as much as jumping on a trampoline. It keeps them moving, jumping around and works all of their muscles and cardiovascular systems as well. Instead of having to force them outside to play, you might find that you are calling them back in for dinner because they do not want to leave the trampoline!

Trampolines Will Keep Them in the Back Yard

Nothing makes your yard the favorite in the neighborhood like a trampoline. Kids will come from all over, making your children the favorites and keeping them outside jumping (“working out!”) even longer. Adding a high net around the outside and choosing one of the best trampolines ensures that your children will have hours of safe play.

Outdoors Are Good For Their Health

Fresh air is proven to be good for children and adults alike, and one of the best ways to get people out of the house is to provide a variety of fun activities that they can endulge in outdoors. Having a trampoline keeps people outside and in the nice, fresh air and getting all the benefits of the sunshine as well.

It Is Good For Parents, Too!

Children are not the only ones who will benefit from having a trampoline in the backyard. Many trampolines are rated for adults up to a certain weight, and it is perfectly safe for adults to jump as well. This great cardiovascular workout can help you reconnect with your children as well as enjoy time getting fresh air and exercise.

No matter why you choose to get a trampoline, there are tons of ways that children (and adults!) can have fun on them individually or with their friends.

Why Self Balancing Scooters Are the Perfect Toy for Teenagers

CoolReall Self BalancingTeenagers love things that go fast, there just really isn’t any question about that. And they love anything that is new, fun and entertaining. If you wrap all of those things up and add a huge dash of celebrity cool factor, then you have described the new self balancing scooters perfectly.

What is a self balancing scooter?

Well, that is a bit hard to define. They are sort of like a scooter, sort of like a Segway–minus the handle, of course–but mostly they look like a hoverboard. The self balancing scooter consists of a small platform for your feet, some hubcaps, wheels and possibly some neat lights or stickers. That is pretty much all there is, other than the potential for some epic crashes if you get up to the top speed of 6 miles per hour and are headed towards a wall.

Zero Turn Radius

Few things are more enticing to teenagers than moving technology, especially something that they can potentially race with each other. Racing around obstacles or challenging each other could keep teenagers entertained for hours, and the price point for the self balancing scooters is expected to come down significantly in the months and years to come. The zero turn radius, ability to go up a 15 degree hill and the 12 miles of battery life mean that teens will have hours of fun going to a friend’s house and playing with their newest acquisition.

Celebrity Cool Factor

Everyone from Justin Bieber to Jamie Foxx have been sporting their new self balancing scooters on Instagram, YouTube and even on late night television. While no one is exactly clear on what to call the self balancing scooters other than maybe “hoverboard”, they are all clear that they are fun. As more celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Nicki Minaj, Soulja Boy and Nick Jonas shoot videos of themselves on their self balancing scooter, we will begin to see more fail videos which are sure to be entertaining! When people see videos of the self balancing scooters in action, the reactions that most people have is “What is it called?” and “Where can I buy one”?

Even with all the celebrity product placements, the way that most teenagers are likely to be entertained by a self balancing scooter is by getting one and trying it themselves. If they are not able to afford a self balancing scooter of their own–they can always live vicariously through one of the hundreds of thousands of YouTube videos of this fun and engaging new tech toy.

How Quadcopters Can Give Children a Constructive Hobby and Get Them Outdoors

quadcopter-toyQuadcopters are helicopters that are lifted and propelled by four rotors. Two of the propellers spin clockwise, while the other two propellers spin counter-clockwise, thereby enabling the craft to hover in a stable position. Quadcopters are controlled via remote control and is a suitable hobby for people of all ages.

Why Children Should Play with Quadcopters

They offer a fun way for children to not only spend more time outdoors, but also teach kids a variety of life skills. The best quadcopters can cost over $1000 whilst you can get ones that are more like toys for as little as $30, it’s those ones which are probably more suited to young children.

Get Them Outdoors

With the advance technology today in terms of televisions, computers, and video games, children are spending an unhealthy amount of time indoors and in front of a screen. Easily get kids to go outdoors with quadcopters. Almost like a real-life video game, children can spend hours having fun flying, or at least attempting to fly.

Practice Hand-Eye Coordination

Like a video game, flying quadcopters requires hand-eye coordination to control the vehicle via a remote control. Children will have amazing hand-eye reflex and skill from flying quadcopters.

Learn to Problem-Solve

When anyone first learns how to fly a quadcopter, he or she will run into issues. Children are forced to think about the situation, come up with possible solutions, and find the correct way to fly the quadcopter via trial and error. This exercise prepares the child for future issues where having good problem-solving skills will be helpful.

Think Creatively

Thinking creatively goes a bit further than problem-solving. Sometimes, the answers to problems do not lie right in front of you. Sometimes, the child will have to think “outside the box” in order to effectively fly his or her quadcopter. Be patient with your child. If he or she is becoming frustrated, give your child hints towards what the solution may be.

Explore Design

At first your child will be fascinated with attempting to fly the quadcopter. Eventually, he or she will become curious about the flight mechanism of the quadcopter. This is a great opportunity for your child to discover and learn about physics, engineering and design, so be prepared to answer some very specific quadcopter questions!

How to ensure the little ones get a good nights sleep

child sleepingFor any Nanny it’s pretty nice when you can get the children to relax and sleep tight. It means you can also relax and the job becomes much easier. Of course most children are pretty hyper at the best of times so here are a few tips to help calm them down and get them sleeping well;

  1. Try not to let the children eat any big meals or anything substantial in the hours before bed, that is especially true of high sugar or carbohydrate foods which will give them lots of energy. Of course avoid caffeine too, which means no cola or chocolate before bed.
  2. If possible try to invest in a high quality mattress, if the kids feel comfortable then they won’t be able to resist hitting the slumber. It may sound strange but some kids really like the novelty of an air mattress, you can find reviews and choose the best air mattress at sites like
  3. Inform them that it will be bedtime in 5 minutes, this gives them a little time to get it out of their system and perhaps let off some stream before being ready to hit the hay.
  4. Try to establish a bedtime routine and be consistent with it, this way habits will develop and children will automatically know it’s time to get in bed and will show less resistance. Pro tip: a routine that includes reading a bedtime story is far better than letting them watch tv before bed, it will help them relax more and make them more sleepy.
  5. Although it’s typical in movies and quite a tradition, it’s perhaps not a good idea to sing to children before bed because it’s been shown that this then gets associated with falling asleep in the child’s mind. Doesn’t sound too bad? Well, if they wake up in the middle of the night they will probably need you to come and sing to them again in order to fall asleep.
  6. Get the room temperature right, along with a soft blanket and they will having nothing to complain about. A room that is too hot or too cold is not going to give those ideal sleeping conditions.
  7. If the child calls for you in the middle of the night don’t come rushing right away. Give them a moment to realise that they should be asleep, and chances are they will drift back off without your intervention.
  8. If they come out of their room during the night then it’s best to gently walk them back and remind them that it’s bed time and they should be tucked up and not leaving their room.
  9. If the child worries about ghosts or monsters they have methods for them to overcome those issues without you. For example you can keep a flashlight in the room along with some “monster spray” and even a big cuddly toy for them to hold.
  10. Lastly, the big secret is to set up some kind of reward system where if the child goes to bed on time and stays there all night then they receive a gold star. After every 3 gold stars you can give them a reward such as sweets or chocolate and then if they get 10 in a row perhaps something special that they enjoy.

We hope those tips help make your job that little bit easier, if you have any other suggestions then please comment below, we would love to hear from you!

Find Nanny Jobs in the UK

We are here to help nannies find the right job and parents find the right nanny or nanny agency. Not only that but we offer solid advice to both parents, nannies and agencies to help smooth the process of finding the perfect match.

Choosing a Nanny Job

nanny cvThere are lots of different types of nanny jobs to choose from and the right one for you depends on your needs and preferences. You should also consider your strengths, weaknesses and ambitions in life.

In order to get that dream nanny job which is both rewarding and enjoyable you must make sure that you are able to sell yourself well in your CV. We will soon be publishing a comprehensive guide on this area, so check back often.

If it is your first time as a nanny then you have to know that this job isn’t right for everybody. It ultimately comes down to your personality and your natural ability to work with children and interact with them.

What you should know

In order to help you prepare for child care work you should ask yourself the following questions:

Do you have experience in this area?

When it comes to their children, most parents will opt for the experienced nanny who they believe knows what they are doing. This can make it difficult for those just started out but everyone has to start from somewhere right? If you have done any child care work been be sure to emphasise this. Even something like running a fitness class can help, perhaps you were a rowing instructor.

It is also very important to talk about what you have learnt from your previous experiences, as that is valuable to whoever is going to employ you. It helps to list this along with what you would do differently in your next job.

Why do you want to be a Nanny?

You may not have had actual experience as a nanny but if you have been in related child care roles then that is a huge plus point for parents. There are many roles that can help such as being a nurse, teacher or employee at a nursery. A degree is also a nice thing to have but not necessary, if you have something related to child education for example it’s an edge you should take advantage of.

Do you Enjoy Working with Children?

This isn’t a stupid question, there are people out there who work with children but don’t actually love their job. The problem is, children can often pick up on this and the best nannies are the ones that love to work with kids. Parents will be very happy if they see the children are comfortable in your presence and enjoy interacting with you. To answer this question just think back about past experiences with children and if you had enjoyment with them and felt at ease or not. If the answer is no, then it’s unlikely you will be ready to deal with tears, tantrums and changing dirty nappies.

Do you want to work full time or part time?

This depends on how much time you have available, perhaps you have to study or are otherwise unavailable the full day. A lot of nanny jobs have very different hours, some people may need a nanny for the morning whilst others need one in the evenings. For this reason, it’s likely you can find something that will suit your schedule. You may even find a temporary job whilst parents go away on holiday for example.

At the other end of the spectrum are nannies that live-in house and those that live-out of the house. These jobs will probably require you to relocate which is something you must consider.

Where do you want to work?

There are vacancies all over the UK and abroad but there is an especially large demand for nanny jobs in London. Check back soon as we will have a listing of jobs all of the UK and overseas.