How Quadcopters Can Give Children a Constructive Hobby and Get Them Outdoors

quadcopter-toyQuadcopters are helicopters that are lifted and propelled by four rotors. Two of the propellers spin clockwise, while the other two propellers spin counter-clockwise, thereby enabling the craft to hover in a stable position. Quadcopters are controlled via remote control and is a suitable hobby for people of all ages.

Why Children Should Play with Quadcopters

They offer a fun way for children to not only spend more time outdoors, but also teach kids a variety of life skills. The best quadcopters can cost over $1000 whilst you can get ones that are more like toys for as little as $30, it’s those ones which are probably more suited to young children.

Get Them Outdoors

With the advance technology today in terms of televisions, computers, and video games, children are spending an unhealthy amount of time indoors and in front of a screen. Easily get kids to go outdoors with quadcopters. Almost like a real-life video game, children can spend hours having fun flying, or at least attempting to fly.

Practice Hand-Eye Coordination

Like a video game, flying quadcopters requires hand-eye coordination to control the vehicle via a remote control. Children will have amazing hand-eye reflex and skill from flying quadcopters.

Learn to Problem-Solve

When anyone first learns how to fly a quadcopter, he or she will run into issues. Children are forced to think about the situation, come up with possible solutions, and find the correct way to fly the quadcopter via trial and error. This exercise prepares the child for future issues where having good problem-solving skills will be helpful.

Think Creatively

Thinking creatively goes a bit further than problem-solving. Sometimes, the answers to problems do not lie right in front of you. Sometimes, the child will have to think “outside the box” in order to effectively fly his or her quadcopter. Be patient with your child. If he or she is becoming frustrated, give your child hints towards what the solution may be.

Explore Design

At first your child will be fascinated with attempting to fly the quadcopter. Eventually, he or she will become curious about the flight mechanism of the quadcopter. This is a great opportunity for your child to discover and learn about physics, engineering and design, so be prepared to answer some very specific quadcopter questions!

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