Top 5 Places Worth Travelling Abroad With Your Kids

Travelling enriches the mind and allows people to expand their understanding of different people and cultures. Apart from taking your children to exotic spots and destinations, it is also important to have them travel and see different places of whimsy and wonder to spark their imaginations.
Here are top 5 places that you can visit abroad with your kids.

1. Disneyland, Tokyo, Japan

It’s not a small world, after all. The most magical place on earth can keep kids and adults mesmerised and entertained for days on end. Apart from the theme park’s rides and attractions, you can also see all your favourite childhood characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and the Disney Princesses.

2. Harry Potter Wizarding World, Universal Studios CA, USA

Harry Potter had risen to fame in the 90s via the series of books penned by J.K Rowling. Seeing Harry Potter’s world come to life is a real treat for both kids and adults here. You will get to see and experience Diagon Alley as well. Surely a place for thousands of photographs!

3. Legoland, Malaysia

Who doesn’t love Lego? Malaysia is a progressive country in Southeast Asia and home to different cultures. Apart from Legoland, there’s also Sanrio world and of course, the famous Petronas Twin Towers.

4. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, CA, USA

Head on the United States for some serious amusement park fun. Six Flags is home to some awesome rides, including roller coasters. To make your trip hassle-free, make sure you book your stay at a hotel nearby. It’s easy to find the best places to stay in Northern California online. You can pay for your trip in advance and enjoy even bigger discounts and freebies!

5. Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Another gem in Southeast Asia is Ocean Park in Hong Kong. This large area is a small island in itself and features huge aquariums and a cable car as well as a train ride. Plenty of souvenirs here and guaranteed hours of fun. Just be prepared for a lot of walking around.

Plan your vacations with your kids early so you can maximise school vacations and get to these destinations when the weather is at its best.

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