Why Self Balancing Scooters Are the Perfect Toy for Teenagers

CoolReall Self BalancingTeenagers love things that go fast, there just really isn’t any question about that. And they love anything that is new, fun and entertaining. If you wrap all of those things up and add a huge dash of celebrity cool factor, then you have described the new self balancing scooters perfectly.

What is a self balancing scooter?

Well, that is a bit hard to define. They are sort of like a scooter, sort of like a Segway–minus the handle, of course–but mostly they look like a hoverboard. The self balancing scooter consists of a small platform for your feet, some hubcaps, wheels and possibly some neat lights or stickers. That is pretty much all there is, other than the potential for some epic crashes if you get up to the top speed of 6 miles per hour and are headed towards a wall.

Zero Turn Radius

Few things are more enticing to teenagers than moving technology, especially something that they can potentially race with each other. Racing around obstacles or challenging each other could keep teenagers entertained for hours, and the price point for the self balancing scooters is expected to come down significantly in the months and years to come. The zero turn radius, ability to go up a 15 degree hill and the 12 miles of battery life mean that teens will have hours of fun going to a friend’s house and playing with their newest acquisition.

Celebrity Cool Factor

Everyone from Justin Bieber to Jamie Foxx have been sporting their new self balancing scooters on Instagram, YouTube and even on late night television. While no one is exactly clear on what to call the self balancing scooters other than maybe “hoverboard”, they are all clear that they are fun. As more celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Nicki Minaj, Soulja Boy and Nick Jonas shoot videos of themselves on their self balancing scooter, we will begin to see more fail videos which are sure to be entertaining! When people see videos of the self balancing scooters in action, the reactions that most people have is “What is it called?” and “Where can I buy one”?

Even with all the celebrity product placements, the way that most teenagers are likely to be entertained by a self balancing scooter is by getting one and trying it themselves. If they are not able to afford a self balancing scooter of their own–they can always live vicariously through one of the hundreds of thousands of YouTube videos of this fun and engaging new tech toy.

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