Find Nanny Jobs in the UK

We are here to help nannies find the right job and parents find the right nanny or nanny agency. Not only that but we offer solid advice to both parents, nannies and agencies to help smooth the process of finding the perfect match.

Choosing a Nanny Job

nanny cvThere are lots of different types of nanny jobs to choose from and the right one for you depends on your needs and preferences. You should also consider your strengths, weaknesses and ambitions in life.

In order to get that dream nanny job which is both rewarding and enjoyable you must make sure that you are able to sell yourself well in your CV. We will soon be publishing a comprehensive guide on this area, so check back often.

If it is your first time as a nanny then you have to know that this job isn’t right for everybody. It ultimately comes down to your personality and your natural ability to work with children and interact with them.

What you should know

In order to help you prepare for child care work you should ask yourself the following questions:

Do you have experience in this area?

When it comes to their children, most parents will opt for the experienced nanny who they believe knows what they are doing. This can make it difficult for those just started out but everyone has to start from somewhere right? If you have done any child care work been be sure to emphasise this. Even something like running a fitness class can help, perhaps you were a rowing instructor.

It is also very important to talk about what you have learnt from your previous experiences, as that is valuable to whoever is going to employ you. It helps to list this along with what you would do differently in your next job.

Why do you want to be a Nanny?

You may not have had actual experience as a nanny but if you have been in related child care roles then that is a huge plus point for parents. There are many roles that can help such as being a nurse, teacher or employee at a nursery. A degree is also a nice thing to have but not necessary, if you have something related to child education for example it’s an edge you should take advantage of.

Do you Enjoy Working with Children?

This isn’t a stupid question, there are people out there who work with children but don’t actually love their job. The problem is, children can often pick up on this and the best nannies are the ones that love to work with kids. Parents will be very happy if they see the children are comfortable in your presence and enjoy interacting with you. To answer this question just think back about past experiences with children and if you had enjoyment with them and felt at ease or not. If the answer is no, then it’s unlikely you will be ready to deal with tears, tantrums and changing dirty nappies.

Do you want to work full time or part time?

This depends on how much time you have available, perhaps you have to study or are otherwise unavailable the full day. A lot of nanny jobs have very different hours, some people may need a nanny for the morning whilst others need one in the evenings. For this reason, it’s likely you can find something that will suit your schedule. You may even find a temporary job whilst parents go away on holiday for example.

At the other end of the spectrum are nannies that live-in house and those that live-out of the house. These jobs will probably require you to relocate which is something you must consider.

Where do you want to work?

There are vacancies all over the UK and abroad but there is an especially large demand for nanny jobs in London. Check back soon as we will have a listing of jobs all of the UK and overseas.

How Quadcopters Can Give Children a Constructive Hobby and Get Them Outdoors

quadcopter-toyQuadcopters are helicopters that are lifted and propelled by four rotors. Two of the propellers spin clockwise, while the other two propellers spin counter-clockwise, thereby enabling the craft to hover in a stable position. Quadcopters are controlled via remote control and is a suitable hobby for people of all ages.

Why Children Should Play with Quadcopters

They offer a fun way for children to not only spend more time outdoors, but also teach kids a variety of life skills. The best quadcopters can cost over $1000 whilst you can get ones that are more like toys for as little as $30, it’s those ones which are probably more suited to young children.

Get Them Outdoors

With the advance technology today in terms of televisions, computers, and video games, children are spending an unhealthy amount of time indoors and in front of a screen. Easily get kids to go outdoors with quadcopters. Almost like a real-life video game, children can spend hours having fun flying, or at least attempting to fly.

Practice Hand-Eye Coordination

Like a video game, flying quadcopters requires hand-eye coordination to control the vehicle via a remote control. Children will have amazing hand-eye reflex and skill from flying quadcopters.

Learn to Problem-Solve

When anyone first learns how to fly a quadcopter, he or she will run into issues. Children are forced to think about the situation, come up with possible solutions, and find the correct way to fly the quadcopter via trial and error. This exercise prepares the child for future issues where having good problem-solving skills will be helpful.

Think Creatively

Thinking creatively goes a bit further than problem-solving. Sometimes, the answers to problems do not lie right in front of you. Sometimes, the child will have to think “outside the box” in order to effectively fly his or her quadcopter. Be patient with your child. If he or she is becoming frustrated, give your child hints towards what the solution may be.

Explore Design

At first your child will be fascinated with attempting to fly the quadcopter. Eventually, he or she will become curious about the flight mechanism of the quadcopter. This is a great opportunity for your child to discover and learn about physics, engineering and design, so be prepared to answer some very specific quadcopter questions!

How to ensure the little ones get a good nights sleep

child sleepingFor any Nanny it’s pretty nice when you can get the children to relax and sleep tight. It means you can also relax and the job becomes much easier. Of course most children are pretty hyper at the best of times so here are a few tips to help calm them down and get them sleeping well;

  1. Try not to let the children eat any big meals or anything substantial in the hours before bed, that is especially true of high sugar or carbohydrate foods which will give them lots of energy. Of course avoid caffeine too, which means no cola or chocolate before bed.
  2. If possible try to invest in a high quality mattress, if the kids feel comfortable then they won’t be able to resist hitting the slumber. It may sound strange but some kids really like the novelty of an air mattress, you can find reviews and choose the best air mattress at sites like
  3. Inform them that it will be bedtime in 5 minutes, this gives them a little time to get it out of their system and perhaps let off some stream before being ready to hit the hay.
  4. Try to establish a bedtime routine and be consistent with it, this way habits will develop and children will automatically know it’s time to get in bed and will show less resistance. Pro tip: a routine that includes reading a bedtime story is far better than letting them watch tv before bed, it will help them relax more and make them more sleepy.
  5. Although it’s typical in movies and quite a tradition, it’s perhaps not a good idea to sing to children before bed because it’s been shown that this then gets associated with falling asleep in the child’s mind. Doesn’t sound too bad? Well, if they wake up in the middle of the night they will probably need you to come and sing to them again in order to fall asleep.
  6. Get the room temperature right, along with a soft blanket and they will having nothing to complain about. A room that is too hot or too cold is not going to give those ideal sleeping conditions.
  7. If the child calls for you in the middle of the night don’t come rushing right away. Give them a moment to realise that they should be asleep, and chances are they will drift back off without your intervention.
  8. If they come out of their room during the night then it’s best to gently walk them back and remind them that it’s bed time and they should be tucked up and not leaving their room.
  9. If the child worries about ghosts or monsters they have methods for them to overcome those issues without you. For example you can keep a flashlight in the room along with some “monster spray” and even a big cuddly toy for them to hold.
  10. Lastly, the big secret is to set up some kind of reward system where if the child goes to bed on time and stays there all night then they receive a gold star. After every 3 gold stars you can give them a reward such as sweets or chocolate and then if they get 10 in a row perhaps something special that they enjoy.

We hope those tips help make your job that little bit easier, if you have any other suggestions then please comment below, we would love to hear from you!